Monday, February 6, 2012

A Stranger and non existent 10am

I'm falling behind, I apologize.

Day 4: a picture of a stranger.
This is a bad picture of a stranger but I was at Target about a week ago and I realized the lady's shirt was definitely not red enough. It was actually just purple. So I snap that shot and prepare to post then comment, when I realize the photo brought out all the red in the shirt so really it was a waste.

Day 5: 10am
I was excited when I realized the 10am photo was on a weekend because weekdays at 10 are when work starts so I knew I would forget to take a picture of that.
But instead, I slept right past 10am on the day it should have happened.
So sorry. Also sorry that this font is stuck on italics and won't change back to normal..

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