Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Call me ambitious.

Since my new found hatred to the gym, I have decided I need a new "thing" (until we get the dog, then obviously nothing will get accomplished).

So I have decided to actually start making the things that I want to eat from pinterest.

Yesterday I made a list and went to the grocery store. I have never done that before. Typically Jesse does the shopping and I just eat whatever he makes (this is not a lie). So, I ventured off to the store and made these:

This is obviously not a picture that I took. Although, I almost did take a picture.

They are soo easy and super delicious.
Take a tomato and slice it (like the above picture looks) put on some parmesan (I used the "pizza mix" of cheese instead). Then throw on some Oregano and s&p. Cook at 450 for 10-15 minutes (I would say 10, but our oven cooks ultra fast so...maybe 15..whatever). It also said to add olive oil but I thought it tasted good without.

Eat those with some sweet potato fries and buffalo chicken. You will be happy. Well..if you like tomatoes, you will be happy, otherwise you will probably hate it.

I also made these:Spinach and macaroni something or other...I don't remember all the ingredients but I do remember it was a lot of work for a small amount of flavor.
Which is the exact opposite of what I want when it comes to food. For obvious reasons.

I'd say walking around the grocery store is a perfect replacement for the stairmill.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The second best date thus far.

Before Jesse and I got married, we had discussed getting a dog around spring time
(if you read my other blog, I had already mentioned that).

Well, long story short, after some discussing and realizing how much going to Wisconsin for Christmas would cost and possibly due to the fact that Jesse was being spammed with ksl ads being sent his way; we decided that getting a dog around Christmas time would actually work out for us.

So we started looking for boston terriers and trying to find one that didn't cost as much as bostons usually do...blah blah blah. Then today as I am sitting at work and had thought that Jesse was simply going to an innocent lunch with some clients he starts telling me that his co-worker had put down a deposit for a boxer puppy. And he sends me a picture of a little white puppy that Zach is getting. Super cute.

Then I receive this

And I realize something. That is Jesse, holding a boxer puppy. Completely at his own free will..I did not make this happen. He voluntarily was at a home that was selling puppies, holding a puppy, bribing me, making me never be allowed to ever be even remotely angry with him for any reason in the world. Then he asks if I would want to go on a date with him tonight up to Ogden to see it.

No duh.
Welcome to the fam, Sam