Friday, February 3, 2012


My ugly hand.

I have always hated my hands and thought that my fingers were so fat. I also hate how dry they are all the time. And if it is cold, they are purple. If it is warm, they are bright red. When they go from cold to hot really quickly, they are even redder. The temperature must remain 74 degrees. Painting my nails only enhances whatever color my hands are turning when the temperature shifts.
My hands are one of my least favorite body parts.
But they still remain my dogs favorite chew toy.


  1. Well that is the most important thing a aha dogs are so accepting :-)

  2. At least your fingers are straight. the tops of my fingers take a sharp left or right towards each other. it's awful.

  3. As an interpreter I would pretty much kill to have your hands! I like your long fingers and wouldn't mind having some bling on my ring finger like you do ;)