Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Place of Work

I totally thought I dropped out of this photo thing but I love my place of work so I have to talk about it for a minute.
This is my view. It's really nice, I get to see everyone that goes to the bathroom and everyone stares in here, some wave..some avoid eye contact. Some read the Vertex sign just to avoid eye contact. Like every time they go potty they have to re-read the sign to make sure it still says the same thing. This one time I was walking out of the office and a girl coming out of the bathroom said "wow, it's really nice to see your whole body for a change!". I took that as a mega compliment.

I love this job. I can't even begin to explain how great of a job it is. I get thanked everyday. Every single day I hear "thanks Amber" or "we really appreciate you". And it's for things that seem so minor but they actually sincerely appreciate what I do. I look forward to going to work everyday. I don't know very many people that can say that and that can leave work knowing that whatever they did wrong that day will be completely forgotten the next morning they go in. To be honest, when I do something wrong or mess something up I have not once been afraid to admit it because I know that they are going brush it off and forgive me. I honestly just love this place.

It's a crazy good job. I could go on all day.

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