Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spread the Word

I'm asking a huge favor of all 4 of you that read this.

After much pondering, praying, anxiety attacks, and tears being shed; I have decided that I am taking a different job for a few different reasons and it being a great opportunity.

That being said, I need your help. I need your help finding someone that would be perfect to take this job. I'm not saying that I am so awesome that I'm irreplaceable but......I am saying that sarcasm, being easily amused, and loving diet beverages & peanut butter pretzels will get someone very far in this job.

Let me just state the perks:
*10-4 monday-friday (very flexible..if you want lunch take one, if's whatever). My boss told me I could take a day off if I ever just felt like I needed a day off.
*ice cold fountain beverage waiting on your desk every morning OR when you come in, the request for you to go pick up some ice cold fountain beverages for the office (the three people that work here).
*the work is fun. It does take some getting used to with the terms they use like I don't know why they say 15 basis points instead of just saying 15 cents. But that won't hurt anyone.
*You will never feel like you failed. If you mess up, they will do everything to convince you that it was not your fault. I go home everyday believing that I did a good job.
*I have gotten two phone calls from work while not at work. Call #1 was because my boss was sick all day and freezing so the heat was set at 79. He called me to tell me that as soon as I left he started sweating bullets and had no idea why..then he remembered that he never set the thermostat back to a normal temperature. Call #2 was at 7pm on a Friday night...because my boss forgot to tell me how thankful he was for my hard work that week.

These are just a few reasons why this job is amazing.

If you know anyone that is looking for a job or could use a better job (and could handle a few jokes about girls here and there) please let me know.

Much thanks.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ruler of the roost.

Our dog rules our home. And he knows. I have never met a dog that is as weird as this one.
Actually, he is a lot like the overly anxious when separated from his owner, incredibly excited to see ANYONE, and wants to sit on your lap, dog that my family used to have.
Only he is in an inappropriately strong-for-his-size body that is only going to continue growing, it's not his size I'm weary of, it's his strength...and his lack of any idea of the power he has behind those paws when he tackles people to the ground so that he can lick their face and eat their hair.
He is the second most obedient dog I have ever had (and there have been quite a few) but for some reason the words "Get down" or "don't jump" mean nothing to him.

He is one strange pup.

His favorite toys in the world? paper and blankets.
While on a walk will he randomly stop and jump up, all fours in the air, just because? yes.
Favorite noise? The printer. He is fascinated by it and does the head tilt like I have never seen before when thing starts going. He thinks the paper is for him when it comes out. He heard it going yesterday and he ran over and sat and waited for the paper to be completely done printing, then he stole it and ran. Seriously. What the?
His favorite object? The vacuum. He thinks it's a lion.

And his only way to sleep? After he demands the fire be on....he lays like this. Every time.

He will do great things.