Saturday, February 11, 2012

Makes me happy.

I may be skipping ahead due to forgetfulness and busy days. Which is fine because there was no sunshine on the day of the sun. My door is a wreathless, rugless, white rectangle. And well....the self portrait I's whatever.

Day 11: Something that makes me happy

I have about a million things in the world that make me happy. I wish I had a picture of today, it was one of those filled with happy type of days. Or a picture of Luke at the moment where he completely randomly stopped and said "I just really love you" for no reason in the world.
But I have to admit my daily happiness comes from every time I walk through the front door and I'm greeted by one of these two (one of them tends to be able to contain their excitement a little better than the other), even if I feel like the world is not on my team I always know there is a man and his dog that are. And it makes me so very happy.

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