Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friendship of Life Support

I know my last post was about facebook, but this one is too so whatever.

I have a "friend" who was once my best friend and then I moved and she became a lot like the worst friend. So I have been friends with her on Facebook for all the years that it has been around. Initially, I thought our friendship would one day return to what it was. By initially, I mean I held on to that hope for YEARS. It was exactly one decade ago that I moved and over these ten years, I have not been able to shake the fact that we aren't real friends.

But the more I see how her life has turned out and how my life has turned out, the more I realize, it's time to take off the life support of our friendship. The life support which brings nothing more to a friendship than the fact that it is barely being sustained by technology. It's weird, it's a weird way to view friendship. But really, it's the best way I can think to describe it.

Our friendship has not really been alive for several years, it has been kept "alive" by technology. It first began with Myspace and then turned into Facebook and Instagram. But it isn't real. It is not a tangible friendship. It is something that will never be brought back to real life. It is a heart that only beats because it is hooked to wireless wires of the internet.

I have avoided unfriending because remember how dramatic people are? But really, it's just time. After one full decade, the friendship is over and needs to be laid to rest. Sad but true.