Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Place of Work

I totally thought I dropped out of this photo thing but I love my place of work so I have to talk about it for a minute.
This is my view. It's really nice, I get to see everyone that goes to the bathroom and everyone stares in here, some wave..some avoid eye contact. Some read the Vertex sign just to avoid eye contact. Like every time they go potty they have to re-read the sign to make sure it still says the same thing. This one time I was walking out of the office and a girl coming out of the bathroom said "wow, it's really nice to see your whole body for a change!". I took that as a mega compliment.

I love this job. I can't even begin to explain how great of a job it is. I get thanked everyday. Every single day I hear "thanks Amber" or "we really appreciate you". And it's for things that seem so minor but they actually sincerely appreciate what I do. I look forward to going to work everyday. I don't know very many people that can say that and that can leave work knowing that whatever they did wrong that day will be completely forgotten the next morning they go in. To be honest, when I do something wrong or mess something up I have not once been afraid to admit it because I know that they are going brush it off and forgive me. I honestly just love this place.

It's a crazy good job. I could go on all day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Something blue

Day 13: something blue

I feel way weird that I took a picture of my toothbrush.
I noticed I don't have a lot of blue in my life and I actually hate that this toothbrush is not green. My toothbrush is always green so it feels wrong every time I use it.
(And ok, I really have an electric toothbrush that is green but I have to use this blue one regularly because you can't use the electric one A. in the shower and B. while you are running around getting ready for the day. Ya know?)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Day 12: Inside your closet
Trust me, it wasn't this clean 20 minutes ago.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Makes me happy.

I may be skipping ahead due to forgetfulness and busy days. Which is fine because there was no sunshine on the day of the sun. My door is a wreathless, rugless, white rectangle. And well....the self portrait I's whatever.

Day 11: Something that makes me happy

I have about a million things in the world that make me happy. I wish I had a picture of today, it was one of those filled with happy type of days. Or a picture of Luke at the moment where he completely randomly stopped and said "I just really love you" for no reason in the world.
But I have to admit my daily happiness comes from every time I walk through the front door and I'm greeted by one of these two (one of them tends to be able to contain their excitement a little better than the other), even if I feel like the world is not on my team I always know there is a man and his dog that are. And it makes me so very happy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Day 7: Button
This is the last remaining button on one of my favorite pairs of jeans. They really are so cute and fit perfect. I lost one of the back pocket buttons shortly after I purchased them (forever 21 for $18...can't ask for much) and it always bothered me but I still wore them. Then about three weeks ago I went to the bathroom..of course I was at work, and the front button popped right off. That was awesome. Basically the pants are dead now.


Day 6: Dinner

Pepper stuffed with ground beef, chopped onions & carrots,
and the key to making it extra tasty?
jalapenos and chili sauce.

Add some cheese and a dollop of daisy on top.

Then some steak fries on the side and a tall glass of ice cold lemon-lime lemonade
and you are good to go.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Stranger and non existent 10am

I'm falling behind, I apologize.

Day 4: a picture of a stranger.
This is a bad picture of a stranger but I was at Target about a week ago and I realized the lady's shirt was definitely not red enough. It was actually just purple. So I snap that shot and prepare to post then comment, when I realize the photo brought out all the red in the shirt so really it was a waste.

Day 5: 10am
I was excited when I realized the 10am photo was on a weekend because weekdays at 10 are when work starts so I knew I would forget to take a picture of that.
But instead, I slept right past 10am on the day it should have happened.
So sorry. Also sorry that this font is stuck on italics and won't change back to normal..

Friday, February 3, 2012


My ugly hand.

I have always hated my hands and thought that my fingers were so fat. I also hate how dry they are all the time. And if it is cold, they are purple. If it is warm, they are bright red. When they go from cold to hot really quickly, they are even redder. The temperature must remain 74 degrees. Painting my nails only enhances whatever color my hands are turning when the temperature shifts.
My hands are one of my least favorite body parts.
But they still remain my dogs favorite chew toy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My view and words

I got this from Rachel. I always wanted to do a photo-a-day thing on here but I never found one that had photo ideas that I wanted to use but this one is great!

Here's to Feb. 1: My view today (ok yesterday...whatever)

Last night Jesse and I went to the Jazz game. It was cute because our first date was to the Jazz game with VIP tickets..exactly a year ago and this was the exact same date. But really he just got the tickets both times from work and just so happens that he took me along both times.

Here's to Feb. 2! Words

I feel this way, everyday.