Friday, January 27, 2012

When in doubt

Go to and find yourself a conference talk.
Every time, without fail, there is a talk to read that screams at me.

I live in a lot of fear of the future and I always have. I am rarely optimistic and expect that things won't work out so I hardly ever try. I slowly began to change my attitude about a year and a half ago and that was when things finally started to happen. Go figure.

But often I find myself full of doubt and worrying that our future is going to crumble. For no reason other than I don't know exactly how it is going to pan out or when every detail is going to come in to play. I feel like we have a plan but we are still totally wingin' it. I guess that's how life is though. Thankfully I have a husband that thinks entirely opposite as I do. When he decides he is doing something, he does it, and it just works. It's an odd concept.

A few nights ago I did my typical inner freak out of the future and I opened up my Gospel Library and immediately found this talk. It was written especially for me, right now. It was exactly what I was looking for.

"As important as it is to learn Heavenly Father’s plan for our lives, we sometimes get so caught up in knowing every detail, start to finish, that we become afraid to act. Don’t fall into this trap. Make good choices using your best judgment and move forward with your life. We’re blessed as we make choices. Don’t be afraid to make choices because you are afraid of making mistakes. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
In doing so, you will find joy in the journey

I especially needed that paragraph. It is truer than true.


  1. ohmygosh THANK YOU for posting this!! it is a lot of what i'm going through right now too and that paragraph was brilliant and exactly what i needed to read. thank you thank you.

  2. i needed that. that's a great paragraph.