Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One thing that happens when you get engaged is you hear the comments about how hard the first year will be. People always say "learning to live with someone else is hard", "we were so broke we went on a date once a month and ordered off the dollar menu", or "we fought over everything".

To be honest with you, those things aren't struggles for us. We got married and as far as all the above goes, we are good. But what I wish people would warn you about is that once you get married...the two of you are now alone.

When you are single you can tell about your dating escapades to anyone and they will appreciate it, your fellow single friends will laugh because they know or your married friends will laugh because they have been there. But all of the sudden as soon as you tie that knot, the single friends assume you are done with needing them, they don't want to hear about your successful relatioinship, and the married ones start spouting off how everything will change either for the better or for the worse and with that you are treated with an attitude of you don't really know what it's like.

You can always find a blog or a talk about parenting and everywhere you look you will find someone that has a kid the same age as yours and totally gets what you are going through. It's a lot harder to find someone that is like "oh my gosh we are saving up for a king size bed too!" And if you read a blog about newlyweds people would probably gag all over and be like "no one cares that you made lasagna together" (trust me, I have a million pictures of food that will never be shared to the world)

Honestly it's awesome knowing that at the end of everyday you do have someone to talk to. You have one person that is on your side and supporting you and that is always thinking about your well being above theirs. But just because you found love in one person doesn't mean you don't still need it from others.


  1. Great post! I definitely allow myself to lose track of married friends quite easily because I let that whole "different stages" thing get in my way. Thanks, lady!

  2. hey, I swear I posted a comment on here...oh well I guess I will post it again...but it won't as funny as the first time I did it. (apparently I forgot about the word verification part...dumb!

    I bet you would never really hear someone say "oh my gosh we are saving up for a king size bed too!!" because that's the first thing we are buying when we have more money!!!

    and I know you don't want marriage advice so here is mine..."Don't listen to anyone's complaints or advice on marriage" :-)