Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two weeks pre wed

This weekend we went to Montana to meet Jesse's sister and her family. It was soo incredibly fun, to say the least. And his brother in law offered to do some pro bono dental work for me...I won't say how many fillings I got but I will mention that only 40% of my cavities actually got filled and that alone took a solid 2 1/2 put it into perspective. Jesse really enjoyed the first three hours of the car ride home with me only being able to smile with half of my face. Anyway, here are some photos of the trip for your entertainment. I'm new to this about a lasting relationship thing, so bare with me as I attempt to find my style.

A failed attempt at me being in charge of pushing the button on the phone that makes it take a picture:

The traditional "drinking from the water fall" photo. We take one every time we go on a hike with a water fall (which means it has happened one time before this)

Thanks for the zoom in, Jess.

So there you go, the first of hopefully many posts. Please come back and read them all time.

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  1. Amber! Now I know you are really getting married, you have a married blog. This is a huge deal. You KNOW I'll be back for more!